Family Constellations

A family constellation is a living, breathing exploration of areas in which participants are seeking growth and clarity. Family constellations involve group members who create a live representation of the issues they choose to address. Through this interactive and dynamic exercise, individuals gain new perspectives in vivid experiential processes of great clarity and emotional resonance. Participation levels vary based upon comfort levels and include quiet observation, assistance in the constellation dynamic of others and the active work of participation in one’s own constellations. Many report great benefits from all levels of participation.

Family constellations address matters concerning all areas of life. A constellation can address an issue within an actual family of origin, family of values and ideas, or family of work/school/creative ethics or any other areas in which a participant feels ready to make progress and movement.

Family constellations effectively shatter old patterns of behavior and reasoning based on historical paradigms. Once these paradigms are resolved, individuals find that they are free to develop new ways of thinking, emoting and moving through the world based on the positive present, with respect and honor to what has gone before. Family constellations encourage forward growth and movement and increase awareness and sensitivity to personal needs with a deep grounding in self knowledge and authenticity.

Many report a positive change in lifelong areas of difficulty previously untouched by other types of personal exploration. Family constellation groups foster a safe and confidential environment in which the wellness of all members is of the utmost importance and in which all are welcome, accepted and appreciated.

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